Remembering Krissy

Hard to believe how much time has gone by since Krissy passed away in the summer of 1995. The years may fly by, but memories of her persist—country music, photos of her, the scent of her favorite CK perfume. Echoes of her continue to surround us in our daily life.

She may not be here anymore—at least, not physically—but she will always be in our hearts and minds as a beautiful memory. Her spirit remains, watching over us until our time comes and we meet her again.

Our family wishes to thank everyone who has followed her story and sent prayers our way over the years. We wonder who she'd be today....

We were fortunate enough, in early 2007, to have a music video produced as a tribute to Krissy. We invite you to view a special photo-montage version of “Who You’d Be Today,” by Kenny Chesney. Our sincere thanks to everyone who made this possible.

In love and friendship,
The Taylor Family

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