She was seventeen.

In 1995, with a world of opportunity stretched out before her, Krissy Taylor died suddenly of a disease she never knew she had.

Right ventricular dysplasia is a heart condition---one of five major causes of sudden death in young people. It’s treatable, but only if it’s detected in time. Unfortunately, most Americans under 30 have never had an electrocardiogram, or EKG. Chances are, your dentist knows more about the condition of your teeth than your physician knows about the condition of your heart. And perfect teeth won’t do you any good if your heart fails.

If you’ve never had an EKG, ask your doctor about getting one. There’s nothing exotic or expensive about it. It isn’t even painful. But if you have a latent heart condition, like Krissy did, it might just save your life.

Our "Wish For You" is a healthy heart...and a long, happy life.

—The Taylor Family