Two Days in the Life of
Krissy Taylor

[Girlfriend Magazine, February 1994]
Krissy Taylor is sprawled on a bed in her hotel room in Miami, Florida, wearing cut-off jeans and a halterneck top. She’s snacking on a Snickers bar and Pepsi and watching her favourite soapie, Days of Our Lives. “Could you order me two bologna and ham sandwiches?” she pipes up, wanting to replenish her rail-thin, 182 cm frame before the afternoon segment of this photoshoot begins. With her boyfriend, Scott, by her side, they playfully hug, kiss and whisper private thoughts during the commercials of the soap. On the surface, she’s like any other schoolgirl, talking about her upcoming formal [Prom], gossiping about celebrities and counting the days and minutes until she turns 16 and can hop behind the wheel of the new Toyota Celica she just purchased.

But the younger sister of supermodel Niki leads another life. Having emerged out of her sister’s shadow in the last year, the leggy, honey-blonde model is getting covers, catalogues, fashion magazines and now, hopefully, contracts with big cosmetic companies with her fresh-faced beauty and willowy, but voluptous, figure. This would be the perfect life for most, but Krissy is caught between the demands of the high-glamour world of fashion and being a normal, young girl. Sometimes she finds it hard to juggle the two—the end-of-year formal versus the New York fashion collections, mid-term exams versus a high-paying job in Hawaii. Girlfriend spent two days with Krissy in South Miami (just near her hometown, Fort Lauderdale), shooting, talking and eating lots of Snickers. Here’s what we found out.

Did you always want to be a model because of Niki?

I didn’t want to model at first. I didn’t have any interest in it and I didn’t think of it for myself. But I went with Niki on one of her shoots and I saw what she did and I thought, “Well, this looks pretty easy.” Then I told my mom that I wanted to do it and I did my first shoot with Seventeen magazine. I think I was about 11.

Were you nervous?

I was very nervous. I ended up only getting one of the pictures in, but it was very, very exciting for me to see myself in a magazine.

So you’ve been modelling for four years. When did things really start to pick up for you—not just as Niki’s little sister?

I guess it was last year. I started getting covers on my own. I really like meeting all the people, and the money, I don’t really love the travelling and waking up early. And I don’t like wearing a lot of make-up for shoots.

Are you into wearing clothes?

I like the clothes, but I’m not really into fashion. I still mostly wear my cut-off jeans and a top, or a little dress. I still wear Levi’s. There have been a couple of times on shoots that I liked the dress I was wearing so much, I bought it. But it doesn’t happen very often.

Isn’t it hard juggling jobs between school and making good grades?

Sometimes. I usually know ahead of time when I’ve got a job, so I give my teachers notice and they understand what I do because they had Niki in their classes. They give me my work ahead so I can make up time. It’s really not hard at all for me—its mainly communication with my teachers that makes it work.

Do your friends or the other students at school get jealous of your situation?

No. I go to a very progressive school. Its a regular high school, but the kids there just aren’t into that kind of stuff.

How has your life changed because of modelling and the recognition you get?

People recognize me here in Florida. It’s really hard to go shopping in the mall with my boyfriend because people look at me. Then again, maybe it’s because I’m six feet tall!

Do you and Niki go for the same jobs?

No, but we do shoots together pretty frequently.

Is there any competition between you?

No. We’re best friends and she’s really helped me out a lot.

Do you go to Niki for advice?

Not really. We can talk to one another about anything, but we don’t talk about modelling. We talk about girl stuff.

Do you ever fight?

Oh, yeah. Mostly about clothes. She’s always in Paris and she gets these great things and if I take them without asking, she always yells at me. But now she lives in an apartment close to us, so I can’t get them as easily.

Have your parents always been supportive, or do they worry about you?

They’ve always been sooo supportive. My mom is my manager. She basically watches out for me. Usually my mom or my dad will take me to a shoot and sometimes they stay and sometimes they leave. It depends on the job. I’m comfortable either way.

Do your friends treat you differently now your career has taken off?

Well, I didn’t really start getting bigger until I went to high school, and that was about 9th grade. But I lost a lot of my friends anyway, because we went to different schools. It was harder to make new friends—I didn’t know if they were making friends with me because of one thing or the other. But now I have some really good friends who are really there when I need them.

Have you had to be more careful about taking care of yourself?

No, I’m really lucky. I don’t have to watch my weight that much, and thankfully, I’ve got good skin.

Do you have a beauty routine?

No. I pretty much just wash my face with a gentle face wash and water. That’s it. I don’t use a moisturizer, but I think there’s one in the cleanser.

Tell me about your boyfriend and how you met.

It was in algebra class. They were calling roll one day and my friend had mentioned his name before school started, and when they called his name, I turned around to see who he was. I fell in love right then. He didn’t ask me out until three or four months after that. Of course, in school it immediately goes around if you like somebody. But he didn’t know who I was, which was great, and we started talking on the phone and became really good friends at first. Now we’ve been together for eight months.

What qualities are important to you in a guy

He’s got to be somewhat educated and kind of athletic. I don’t like guys who are bums because I’m kind of a bum and I don’t need two bums in my life! I need someone who motivates me.

Does Scott motivate you?

He makes me very happy when I’m sad. He gets me back on my toes and he’s very supportive of everything I do—particularly when I travel for my job. He’s also very athletic—he’s into football, wrestling, soccer and track.

Do you look at your life as more glamorous than most?

No. I come home, wash off the make-up and everything goes back to normal. I don’t sit around at home and go, “Gee, look at me on this cover.”

What are the biggest problems you face?

Choosing between my [Prom] and the New York shows. I’m choosing the [Prom].

What advice would you give girls your age who also want to get into modelling?

Be careful, because not everyone is real nice, and you’re going to have to work really hard. It’s not just about wearing great clothes. You should know what you’re in for in terms of waking up really early and all the travelling. It’s a commitment, so make sure it’s something you really, really want.

What do you do when you just want to chill out?

I just go to the mall shopping, or hang out at the beach with friends. Just normal stuff—movies and things like that.

Do you exercise at all?

I did, but when I was working out I wasn’t with Scott and I had more time. But when Niki gets back from the shows, we’re going to join the gym with our other sister. I think it will keep me into it because my other sisters will be doing it with me.

What’s your favourite subject at school?

English. I’m not really thinking about college just yet. I’m really interested in becoming a massage therapist.

Do you see yourself staying in Florida?

Definitely. It’s my home and I don’t want to leave.

Who have you met that you’ve really been knocked over by?

Well, about two years ago I met Jason Priestley.

Is there anyone you’re dying to meet?

No, not really. I mean if I’m in the right place at the right time and I happen to meet somebody, that will be great.

When you look in a mirror, do you see the beautiful young woman that everyone else does?

People always say to me, “Oh, you’re so pretty,” and I’m like, “Yeah, right.” I like what I see, but mainly because of the way I am on the inside. In a way, I think I’m more average.

What do you think your best feature is?

Well, I’d have to say my hair, although I’m not sure that’s a feature.

What about your worst feature?

My nose.

Have you gone through rebellious times with your parents?

I can’t say I’ve really gone through those typical bad times. I mean, we have disagreements and I can be really stubborn, but the problems always get solved.

What do you fight about?

You know—silly stuff, like how late can I stay out.

Is modelling your future?

It’s a part of my future. Right now I just take things day-by-day and see how I feel. I don’t know if it will be my main career, but I could change my mind later on.

Have you been putting the money you make away, or have you indulged yourself at all?

I put most of it away, but two days ago I bought a Toyota Celica. Dad, me and Scott did some wheeling and dealing and I bought it. It’s beautiful.