A Brief Biography

rissy was born “Kristen Erin Taylor” on May 15, 1978 in South Miami, Florida, where she became the youngest member of the Taylor family. Until the time of her death on July 2, 1995, she lived in South Florida with her family, consisting of Mom (Barbara), Dad (Ken) and sisters Joelle and Nicole. Growing up, she was an active visitor of the local roller-skating rink, a mascot and then cheerleader for the Optimist Club of North Dade, and from there her next activity was that of a fashion model, which started at the age of 13.

When Krissy first began attracting attention from the public, it was largely because she was Niki Taylor’s younger sister. Three years after her first photo shoot, however, she had emerged from her sister’s shadow and had begun to cast one of her own (measuring 6 feet!).

arly on, Krissy would go to shoots with Niki, and the clients and photographers took notice of her. They began to include her in photos with Niki, and even though they had very different personalities, their “look” seemed to go well together. In Milan, Italy, Krissy went to some of Niki’s castings for the Fall Shows and the designers ended up fitting her, too! She was on the runways in Milan at 13, an amazing feat for a “newcomer”! After that, Krissy began getting calls to work solo.

Krissy was working up an impressive résumé of credits. She had worked with major magazines, such as Seventeen, Elle, Italian Glamour, YM, Cosmopolitan and Vogue. She had over 13 covers to her credit. Fox TV and Disney Films had requested her to read for upcoming features. She had appeared on Entertainment Tonight and MTV, and was featured on Who’s HOT - Main Floor (a new show on fashion).

Krissy didn’t like to travel, so most of her bookings were limited to the Miami area. Time was not a plentiful commodity, either, as Krissy, like her sister before her, had all intentions of completing school and leading a normal teenage life. Other areas of interest for Krissy were massage therapy and working with animals.

any people asked if there was any jealousy between the sisters and Krissy was quick to comment, “Not at all.” There was a lot of love between Krissy and the rest of her family.

Krissy didn’t seem to mind the recognition involved in modeling, although it became a little too much when she and Niki went shopping together! It seemed one might be able to mistake them apart, but when they were together it was virtually impossible for them to escape recognition.

A handful of Krissy’s favorite things: kids, animals, her niece (Blake), her twin nephews (Jake and Hunter), her BIG Chevy truck, the phone, country music, fast food, Pepsi (Coke), chewing gum and, of course, MTV. Her favorite actress was Demi Moore and Brad Pitt took honors as her favorite actor. Country superstar Garth Brooks toped her list for singer with the song “Shameless” (one of many, many beloved Garth songs).