This interview was done shortly before Krissy’s death in 1995. It was originally intended for the supermodels web site, but was never actually posted there. Krissy apparently agreed to answer ten questions.

1. Did you always want to be a model because of your sister?

I didn’t want to model at first. I didn’t think Niki’s lifestyle was particularly glamorous—just hard work. But the money is very nice and you get to meet some really interesting people. I have to admit I get a kick out of seeing the results of my shoots in the magazines.

2. What has been your favorite modeling assignment?

They’ve all been special in their own way. I love the runway shows. There’s so much going on around you, it’s really crazy and fun. Then there was the shoot I did with Dan Cortese for YM. He was such a nice guy. Niki and I did a TV special for MTV/NBA’s “Slam Jam” in which we got to announce the “Dream Team.” We had a lot of NBA all-star names to memorize, as well as their nicknames in basketball! Then there was the sister shoot for Cover Girl—we had a great time and the pictures came out really nice. Each assignment has it’s own story, and you get to be the main character! It is what you make it.

3. Are you interested in fashion?

It’s my business, so I have to have some degree of interest in it, but when I’m not working you’ll find me in a T-shirt and shorts.

4. Do you have tattoos like your sister?

I confess...I have a few. I have an anklet tattoo on my ankle, a butterfly on my feet (my mom, my sister and my best friend all have the same) and a tattoo of a sun where the sun usually doesn’t shine.

5. How has your life changed because of modeling and the recognition you must get?

People recognize me quite a bit. Niki and I have a hard time going shopping together. But, it’s part of the business, and the fact that I’m six-foot tall—it’s hard to hide. If things get too congested, we just “exit, stage left.” For the most part people are very nice. I have to admit, if I were to see a celebrity I would try to get close, too. (Brad and Garth, look out!)

6. Have your parents always been supportive or do they worry about you?

They’ve always been so supportive. My mom is my manager. She basically watches out for me. I always have someone travel with me, whether it’s my family or a close friend, for my own comfort level. I like it that way. Traveling is not my favorite thing to do—I’m a homebody.

7. What things do you like doing in your spare time?

Driving my BIG truck. We go mudding every weekend! I love country music and everything about it. I enjoy line dancing and the outdoors, going to the beach with friends, jet skiing, roller blading (I feel seven-feet tall with my blades on!) drive-in movies, and just hanging out with my sisters and their babes.

8. What is your sign? Your favorite color? Perfume?

That’s three questions!

9. Who’s your favorite actor/actress, singer, song, TV show?

I like Brad Pitt (original, heh?) I think Drew Barrymore is great, GARTH’s my man (I like anything country) and Rosanne.

10. What are your stats?

Six-feet-tall, 126 lbs, 34-24-35.

[See also the longer interview that ran in Girlfriend Magazine in February of 1994.]