This was an advertising campaign Krissy did for a dressy junior clothing line called Zum Zum for the Prom issues of the teen magazines. Niki had done the campaign for them the year before, and now little sister picked up where she left off.

I was on this shoot with her in New York. It was shot at Studio One down in the “meat district” of NYC. You almost had to close your eyes and hold your breath going in, as everywhere you looked there were meat packing plants, and sides of beef were hanging everywhere.

In the middle of all this was the studio. She had shot there several times before. Halfway through the shoot, she came down with an intestinal flu! Several people on the crew had mentioned they had been sick the previous weeks with it.

In modeling, if a shoot is cut short, it means another day, and twice the cost to the client (which is seldom budgeted for). To make matters worse, it was a Friday, and the photographer was booked on another job the next day, so we would have to continue on Monday if the shoot wasn’t finished Friday, and that would mean staying in New York over the weekend.


Poor Krissy! It was all she could do to continue on that day, but she was a trooper and the shoot got finished. We ended up staying over that night until she felt up to flying home the next day.

I was amazed she looked so beautiful on the film despite her feeling so ill in some of those shots. The client was very pleased with the results—only we knew the adverse conditions under which those results had been achieved. Modeling can be grueling work.

The campaign was shot by John Amodeo and was published in Seventeen, YM and ’Teen magazines.

Krissy also did work for CoverGirl and L'Oréal.
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