[Aug ’93] This cover was shot by Myers Robertson on South Miami Beach, in Florida. Australia really fell in love with Krissy and Aussie magazines wound up using film from several other shoots done in the U.S. Here are some reflections on Krissy from Dolly editor, Carlotta Moye:
“Krissy’s first appearance in Dolly was the cover of our August 1993 issue. So fantastic was the response to this cover, we rushed to get her back on the October issue that same year. It was Krissy’s first solo magazine cover, so excited was she that she faxed us to say thanks...she’d just turned 15!...and it was the beginning of a wonderful friendship between Krissy and the million-plus readers of Dolly. You can wonder all you like about what sells a magazine; was it the coverlines, the free giveaways, or the poster of Brad Pitt???...but after Krissy was on a cover, the answer was simple: it was Krissy that Dolly readers wanted to see, read about and get to know. She was the kind of girl everyone wanted to have as a best friend. Her beauty, her humour, her love for her family and friends, and, of course, that fab body that would make even Elle jealous, was what every Aussie girl wanted and loved.

“Krissy will be missed, but never forgotten, as a huge part of Dolly’s family.”