[Nov ’93] This was Krissy’s first solo cover on Seventeen. It was her issue: she had two other stories in it, also. I really felt that she started on her own with this cover. The opportunities started coming in steadily after this issue hit the stands. The cover was shot by Troy Word in New York. Here are some comments from Donna Rubenstein, who was the model editor at Seventeen when Krissy was on this cover:
“The first time I met Krissy was on a photo shoot we were doing in Miami—it was for our prom issue and we were photographing her sister, Niki. I had known that Niki had a younger sister and I was very anxious to meet her. What a great idea to photograph the sisters on the beach near their home for a story. So that’s what happened. Krissy was 11 at the time and just so adorable. She was a bit shy and stayed in the background as big sister Niki was getting her hair and make-up done. I remember Krissy sitting in the location van watching her sister get ready and looking so proud of Niki. When it was time to photograph the girls, Niki made it very comfortable for Krissy, who seemed a little bit nervous. So basically, the photographer just had to capture the images as the girls were just being themselves, hanging out at the beach. Niki was outgoing, jumping around, while Krissy was more reserved, but taking cues from Niki. The story turned out great and it ran in our March 1990 issue.

“The next few times I worked with Krissy were again with her sister Niki. We photographed them for our January 1992 cover. This time we had the girls come to New York for the shoot. We spent one day in the studio for the cover and the other day around New York on-location, at a diner (where the actual cover was shot), and on New York streets. This time, although Krissy was still a little shy, I was beginning to see glimpses of her unique, special personality.

“The time we photographed the girls for the cover of our January 1993 issue, it was this time in Miami. We wanted to capture them in their own element, close to home. So again, the photographer followed the lead of the girls and captured them hanging out together. This time, I noticed a huge difference in Krissy. Not only had she begun to blossom into a beautiful girl, but she sparkled and her personality was showing through. She radiated confidence and beauty.

“With each time we photographed the sisters, Krissy, taking cues from Niki, grew into her own confidence and beauty. What was so special and endearing about Krissy at the time was that she did not understand why people wanted to work with her, meaning in a sense that she was surprised that she was considered beautiful. ‘They want to take my picture?’

“By this time, Krissy was ready to stand on her own and began getting tons of work alone. We photographed her for our November 1993 cover. She was comfortable in front of the camera, and with all of the focus on her. Still goofing around and being a free-spirit, it was so great to see her blossom in front of the camera.

“For our February 1994 issue, we were photographing couples, so we went down to Miami to photograph Krissy and her boyfriend at the time. It was wonderful to see Krissy with him, sharing moments, but allowing us to photograph them. We also photographed Krissy alone. What stood out on this shoot was that the photographer kept on asking her to run and jump, and Krissy stood her ground and said that was not her style. I was so proud of her. Even though a few times she hid behind me, away from the photographer. She was saying that if they wanted to take her photo, he needed to capture her own, unique and wonderful self. And then the photographer did.

“Each time I had the privilege to work with Krissy was very gratifying. She was a bit shy, but as I got to know her, she allowed me to see more and more. I remember at one shoot she grabbed me and we ran into the bathroom so that she could show me her newly-acquired tattoo, and I was asked not to tell anyone. We giggled and went back to the shoot.

“Even the times I wasn’t working with her, she kept me up-to-date on what she was doing through phone calls and faxes.”