[Jul ’94] This cover was originally shot for another magazine, but photographer Scott Teitler felt so strongly about it that he took it to Ocean Drive magazine to give them a “sneak peek”...and they ended up running it on their July issue. Ironically, Niki had appeared on the cover of Ocean Drive the previous July, and both girls would appear together on the July issue of the following year! Here are some comments from the photographer, Scott Teitler:

“I am very critical of my own work, like many other creative people I know. But when this cover of Ocean Drive came out, I remember just staring at it for what felt like half-an-hour, just mesmerized by its beauty. I have never since been as fully satisfied with an image I have taken. Of course, it’s really all about Krissy and how she had really matured and come into her own. There are a couple of great stories about this photo shoot. This was the first issue of Ocean Drive to be a complete ‘sell-out.’ People called months and months later to the magazine asking for the ‘Krissy issue,’ but there were simply no more anywhere.

“Inside the issue was a small photo of me being hugged by Krissy along with a short ‘bio’ about the cover photographer. Little did I know getting a hug from Krissy would make me so well-known! Months after this issue was off the newstands, a man stopped me on a street in Miami and said, ‘I know you, you’re Krissy’s photographer.’ I never saw this guy before in my life, so I just nodded and politely smiled, but he continued, asking me to wait where I was—he only lived a block away, and would I wait a minute so he could get his copy of Ocean Drive so I could autograph it!

“Months after this happened, almost a full year from the time the cover came out, yet another man stopped me in a bookstore and asked me if I was the guy who photographed Krissy on Ocean Drive! This cover had impact!”