Krissy stood back and watched from the sidelines at first, wondering what it was all about; uncertain about a lifestyle where people are always in your hair and in your face—always touching you and telling you to smile, pout, turn around, sit down, bend over, or stand straight. Early wake-up calls, lots of traveling and schlepping around; being pinned and tucked, powdered and blushed, teased and sprayed....

Didn’t sound like much fun to her.

But, wow! they sure paid well! ...hmmm.... She did have her eye on that full-sized pickup truck....

At eleven, Krissy did her first shoot with sister Niki for Seventeen. They thought she was cute and it would make a cute story. Not long thereafter, she signed with a local agency (Irene Marie, Miami), but for awhile she was at an age (11-12) where she wasn’t “sophisticated” enough for shoots geared to older audiences, yet was too tall for the “kids division.” We waited.

Krissy then signed with Niki’s new agency in New York, IMG Models (International Management Group). She did some test shoots with Niki, for fun. Finally, when she turned 13, the fashion world took notice and she was pulled from the sidelines into the spotlight. That year, she walked the runway in Milan, Italy, during the fall fashion shows. Actually, she had just tagged along on the trip to keep Niki company, but she found herself being fitted by designers before she knew it! Then, there she was: walking with Naomi, Christy, Claudia and Niki—quite a bit of a “jump start!”

When she got back from Milan, she did some more shoots with Niki for Vogue, Elle, Mademoiselle, Glamour and Cover Girl® Then she started getting booked solo for Seventeen, YM and Cosmopolitan. Soon, television discovered her and did some specials on her with Niki. She wouldn’t do them unless Niki was there. By herself, Krissy was very shy of the television camera; but together, there was nothing they couldn’t conquer. Fittingly, one of the last shoots Krissy did was with Niki for the July/August 1995 cover of Ocean Drive magazine.

Krissy was represented by IMG models, New York; Riccardo Guy, Milan; and IMG, London.