Ralph Lauren

Krissy was just 16 when she did the Spring Collections in New York (photos at left). She landed eight shows! Krissy had a beautiful walk and knew how to carry herself. She showed the clothes beautifully. Of all the facets of modeling, runway is probably the most intimidating. It is live and leaves very little room for error. If anything happens, it’s up to you to recuperate and come out looking good.

These photos are from the Ralph Lauren Spring Collections in 1994. I remember Krissy telling me that when she went to interview for his show, she got to meet Mr. Lauren and he asked her to marry him! (I think he said that to all the girls to make them blush.) Krissy had eight outfits—this is a lot of changes for one girl. It was the first time she did his show. She looked awesome and confident, walking with all the best in the business. The next morning she was the main picture on the NY Daily News Fashion page, wearing the satin dress from Ralph’s show.

Krissy & Niki on the runway in Milan


This one is from the Fendi Show in Milan. Krissy was 13 years old at the time! Our whole family traveled together on this trip. It was the first time Niki was able to do all the shows that Fall season. I remember landing in Milan and a car picking us up and taking us to the agency. When we got there, Niki went right back out the door to her fittings with the designers and she dragged Krissy along to keep her company. Ken and I stayed back at the agency (Riccardo Gay Models). After about an hour, the calls started coming in for Niki’s agent. He came out and said: “They want to fit Krissy, too! Is it alright if she does the show?” We said sure (in a bit of awe—she was only 13 and had never walked the runways before). Before long, another call came in, and then another...and another—five designers wanted her to do their shows that season! [Giatiano Navarro, Fendi, Blue Marine, and two others.] Krissy thought, “well, okay.” It was so much fun to see the two girls on those runways (in Milan, no less). I think I asked Ken to pinch me at one point. It’s still hard to believe. Krissy earned about $3,000 on that trip. Nice spending money.