On the morning of July 2, 1995 Kristen “Krissy” Taylor’s body was discovered in the living room of the family home in Pembroke Pines, Florida. The cause of death: Krissy used an asthma inhaler which is thought to have led to heart failure. When the first reports filtered through, we were shocked. Surely it had to be a mistake. Krissy was only 17. She had everything to live for—she was a top model, had a loving family to support her, a down-to-earth attitude, new twin nephews and she was described by friends as “the most popular girl in our class.”

Born in Florida in 1978, Krissy grew up in the all-American dream home. Her father, Ken, is a highway patrol commander, her mother, Barbara, was a real estate agent (and later became the girls’ manager), she had two big sisters, Joelle and Niki. When Krissy was 10, shots of Niki started causing a sensation at a local model agency and in the next few years Krissy saw her sister go from laid back schoolgirl to supermodel.

When people realised Niki had a little sister who was just as beautiful back home, Krissy found herself in demand, too. She decided not to model full-time ’till she graduated from high school, but that never happened. Krissy’s first cover was for America’s Seventeen Magazine back in 1992; she was 13—and it was only natural that she shared it with the person she called her “best friend,” Niki. It didn’t take long for Krissy to make it to the cover of Dolly, twice in 1993 and then again in January this year. Krissy’s mum, Barbara, always kept us up-to-date with her career and made sure we always got fantastic cover shots.

We know you all loved Krissy—you told us. And for us to say that she had so much ahead of her is a big understatement. We’d like the Taylor family to know that everyone at Dolly’s thoughts are with them. Krissy, we’ll miss you.

Written by the editors of Dolly magazine, in Australia.