People Weekly [July 31, 1995] - This eulogy appeared almost immediately after Krissy’s death, although it was actually the second article run by People—the first was a brief obituatry that ran two weeks earlier. Because virtually nothing was known about the cause of Krissy’s death at the time this eulogy went to press, People was forced to make speculations which later proved to be inaccurate. Asthma is no longer thought to be the primary cause of Krissy’s death.
Young & Modern [Sept. 1995] - This brief eulogy, written by YM editor Sally Lee, ran as an editorial in an issue of the magazine that, appropriately enough, featured Krissy’s sister, Niki, on the cover.
Seventeen [Sept. 1995] - This lengthy reflection on Krissy’s life includes some comments made by Krissy’s friends. This article, like many that appeared a few months after Krissy’s death, also includes speculations about asthma that would later be found incorrect.
Dolly [Sept. 1995] - This is the first of two eulogies which Dolly ran.
Dolly [Oct. 1995] - This is the second of two eulogies which Dolly ran.
Top Model [May 1996] - A tribute made in honor of what would have been Krissy’s 18th birthday.
Ladies Home Journal [July 1997] - An article written by Barbara Taylor describing the aftermath of Krissy’s death and the medical problem that precipitated it.

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