“Can I Face Tomorrow Alone?”

Can I face tomorrow alone?
I seem to often ask
Without you here with me
Life seems a useless task

I open a book and see your name
The story of your life is told
All the pain resurrects again
The memories all unfold

Your face there, in a magazine
Capturing your vibrant style
Vivid thoughts of your laughter
Oh, how I miss that smile

Your eyes lit up with life
We shared so much together
Never thought about the future
Took for granted there was a forever

Can I face tomorrow alone,
When you’re no longer here?
Without you by my side
Tomorrow seems so unclear

I shouldn’t question God’s reason why
nor differ with the decision He’s made
To choose an angel, such as you,
To join in His heavenly parade

In my heart I know you’re safe
Safe in His arms above
Holding you tightly in His grasp
To share in all His love

I feel at peace, knowing you’re close
Only a heaven away
Now I’ll await tomorrow and beyond
Until we meet again someday

—Tamara Dailey