“Krissy's Tree”

Youthful, long limbs sway gently
in a warm summer breeze.
The soft melody of chimes,
rise into the heavens,
singing her name.
She is in tune with the earth.

The Royal Poinciana greets all who enter the gates.
Oh, be sure, they do come.
Her grace and elegance holds their eyes
like a majestic queen, dressed in full array.
Her garments may not be velvet and lace,
glorious flowering branches take their place.
Sunflowers in full bloom,
Nature’s children encircle her.
Beauty honory beauty.

Oh, be sure, they do come.
Remembering days gone by.
Honorying the one who rests peacefully.
The Royal Poinciana opens its arms,
smiling down upon their pain.

Crying hearts, be still.
Pass pain and suffering by,
move into the warmth of loving memories.
The stately tree misses nothing.
She knows it is hard to bear,
but her heart’s desire for us all is not despair.

A shooting star, honoring her existence.
Glowing candles, circling her statuesque trunk,
help bring closure to pain.
Friends, softly weeping, hugging each other tight.
Acceptance is not easy on the heart.

Who she is and what she was all about
is stated there, simply, for all to see.
As they come, bearing gifts,
silent prayers float over her branches,
reaching her ears and uniting us all.

—Judy Howell