“Forever Krissy”

She was young, tall & sleek
Funny, spontaneous & loved
Someone we all admired
And now keeps watch from above.
Time stands still as we remember
the kind of life she lived
Lively, happy & full
So much room to give.
She loved us all from top to bottom
Hunter, Jake & Blake....
She gave Love & Joy & Tenderness
To all who would partake.
Forever Krissy, always with us,
In our dreams she plays,
Smiling, laughing & waving
As her wings take her away.
We miss you, We love you,
We need you by our sides.
Watch over us always
Keep us strong through the tides.
“Mama’s little girl,
Daddy’s little angel”
Words that are sung
From a song like a fable.
We love you, We miss you,
We’ll never say goodbye.
Because one day we’ll be with you
In heaven where we’ll fly.

—Jamie Howell