“Heavenly Sister”

A best friend you would talk to
If you felt you were alone
You’d never be stranded again
For your heart was your home
Her laughter made you smile, and
She made your spirits rise
If you ever shed a tear
She’d dry your weary eyes
Now it seems your tears are endless
For your sister’s gone away
Don’t let go of the happy times
And she’ll never go astray
She’s now your guardian angel
Peeking thru the clouds to spy
Watching the raindrops fall
So please, don’t you cry
Her spirit floats around you
Her soul holds your hand
Just remember like it was
And try to understand
Your Little “Heavenly Sister”
Your best friend’s got her wings
An angel full of happiness
With joy in which she brings
Into your lives she came
Now Krissy’s gone away
Don’t be sad or lonely
For you’ll meet again someday
So look up to the sky
And smile like you used to do
And I’m sure you’ll see a
Special Angel smiling back at you

(Dedicated to Joelle and Nicole)
—Tamara Dawn Dailey