“Forever Sunflower”

Awaken with the rising sun—another day, another year
Seems like only yesterday when she flowed with the sea air
A visit to the garden; a whisper in the wind
Whirled up by the wishes, the glimmer off my wings
From the palms along the coast—over crests and off the shore
Flying high in the clear blue—a dream that could be more
A hovering throne like a lily pad—a sailing meadow of clouds
Crystals arch from all around to glisten off a bow
With laughter in the distance—a silhouette in the mist
Waving there from side to side—a life that still persists

So what’s the meaning of life?
When it’s all that you’ve got
We can’t hold it for long

Gliding down to touch the silk like a feather to the ground
Settle aboard as the treasure blooms of harmony and sound
As precious as I left her—enchanting with delight
Her majesty reigns with serenity—a marveled spectacle insight
Blankets of daisies surround a vision that thrives
Discovered by a warm embrace that tenderly survives
Her heart as strong as a ruby rose—like a jewel in the sky
From her emerald tips to that golden crown—Those diamonds in her eyes
A sudden glare to blind the peace and send me off adrift
Forced away from my beloved kingdom—leaving traces gone swift

(repeat chorus)

Did we say our goodbyes?
Never wanted us to
I’d rather slip in those words, “I love you”

And I descend with all the seasons
My valiant flight that takes the dive
I flutter down in my last horizon
Vanished glimpse of a tranquil plight
I crashed into the ocean depths and start
To captivate what’s left of life
I’m drowning further to meet the coral
Like the moonbeams and sunlight
The medalion sinks into the open
Wrinkled by the crushing tides
My breaths trickle in this uphill battle
And so released my final cry

Emerging to the waters—her branches to the rescue
She stretched her arms to save me
Gone, but not forgotten—ripples move forever
She lavishly pulls me to safety
Enlightened by her presence—my oars take the breakers
I row myself to catch the surf
Yearning for some landscape—tropic isles, down yonder
The lighthouse gleams to guide me

Wading through the beaches, to rest with the shells in the sand
Counting each grain like a valued pearl ’til we’re one day hand-in-hand
Radiance treats a hallowed charm, her herald arrives
To cherish each tomorrow, how stellar she will strive!
A glow amongst the heavens—constant glances for ease
Reunited soon until eternity—together I’ll be free
Fading asleep with the crescent moon—a voyage ’til next dawn
A twinkle in the twilight her endless melody will yawn

So watch you make of your life?
Live each day like your last
Love always leads you home

I lay down the flowers
I plant the evergreen tree
I leap with the dolphins—I soar with the seagulls

I flock with the nightingales
I hop among the butterflies
Into the elegance—I swim with the mermaids

I float with the rivers
I dance beyond the valleys
I wander the beaches—illuminate the skylines

I sing with the sirens
I exalt with the angels
I listen to the prophets—I proclaim from the mountains

I shine like an epic
I elevate the risen hero
I roam above the galaxies—in a trance past the planets

So where you destined in life?
You can fish among stone
Just drop by the home in the heart

I drink from the fountain
I am paradise-bound
I long for the union—I errupt with an aura

I spring into the summer
I collect the gems of life
I stroll with the wonders—I journey with the message

I remember the triumph
I prolong the lawns of bliss
I’ll pass the word along—and I’ll spread the praise now

Yeah, yeah, yeah—ah...uhh...uhh...hmmmm.

Heart is home.

—Troy R. Saechao