The Redneck Girls — Jen, Arianne, Krissy and Casey

Krissy and Angela
I really can’t think of one special moment that I shared with Krissy, because all of them were very special to me. Kristen was the type of person who would always make you smile and brighten your day. She would always be there to laugh or cry with you, or just to listen to you. One thing I will always remember about her is that no matter what was going on in her life, she would drop everything just to be there for you.


My most memorable moment with Kristen was when we went to get our tattoos together. We both wanted the same one, to symbolize our friendship, which we hoped would last forever—as would the tattoos. Every day, I look at my tattoo and I love it more each time I see it. We both decided on the butterfly, then Krissy said, “Let’s get it on our feet!” So we did, and now I will have a permanent memory of her.


Krissy and I shared so many wonderful times. One of the most precious was when the two of us went to the Keys for one of her shoots. We had a great time swimming with the dolphins (our favorite creatures), watching silly movies, sharing many secrets and simply being ourselves. On the way home, she tried to talk me into getting a tattoo with her, but I chickened out. Kristen was such a vivacious, fun-loving person who I am proud to call one of my best friends. Her memory is forever in my heart.


I have tons of great memories about Krissy. One of my favorites was around my Prom. We shopped for dresses, shoes, accessories and so much more. The day of the Prom, I was frantic. Krissy calmed me down and convinced me to take a nap. When we woke up, we were running a little late, but Krissy wasn’t worried. She did my hair, nails and makeup. She didn’t even worry about herself. As a matter of fact, she left her hair the same way it was while she was sleeping and she still looked absolutely beautiful. After pictures were over, we left and had a great time dancing and talking the night away.


A recent memory.... Everyday I remember a different experience I had with Krissy. One of the latest ones was the time I went to New York for my cousin’s wedding shower. It just so happens that Krissy and Poppa (Mr. Taylor) were staying in the city because Kris had a show. When we set plans to meet at her hotel, I was so excited. It was so cool that I got the chance to explore New York city with one of my closest friends. We had a great time. There is one thing in particular that sticks in my mind when I think about that day. When Krissy and I went to this little Italian restaurant to eat, a teenaged girl asked the waiter if the lovely girl sitting by me was Krissy Taylor. The waiter came over to us and introduced this girl to Kris. The girl then asked if she could take a picture of Krissy to give to her brother. Krissy, without hesitation, said yes. So the waiter focused in while I tried to lean out of the picture. Kris yelled at me. She said, “Oh my Lord, Missy, get in this picture!” I laughed and then smiled, and then...flash! It makes me wonder if the boy who has this picture realizes that Kris was not just a beautiful face, she was a great friend. After all, he has the picture to prove it.

I love you, Krissy. I miss you.

Love, Missy.