Being around Krissy was like walking out into the warm sunshine and taking a deep breath of fresh air after being in a cold, dark, stale room for too long. She was a very warm and loving person. I could call her at any time and she would be there for me. She always made time for her family and friends. She was so goofy and so much fun. Krissy wasn’t afraid to laugh at herself. When you meet someone who can laugh out loud, and at themselves, then you know you’ve met a person who is comfortable with themselves. Being comfortable with themselves makes other people comfortable around them. Krissy was very easy to be around. I miss her smile. When you saw her smile or laugh, you couldn’t help but smile yourself. It was almost involuntary—as if your soul took over.

Growing up we picked on, fought, teased, borrowed without asking from, nagged at, protected, stuck up for, told on, told secrets to, played with, pretended with, dreamed with, wished with, got mad at, giggled with, ran to, turned to, helped, bothered, watched over, nurtured, drove crazy, comforted, shared with, cried with, cried for, laughed with, laughed at and loved each other. Basically, we were typical sisters.

Krissy was very easy-going and down-to-earth, like me. We both loved to eat, but hated to cook. So, we went out to lunch or dinner at least 4-5 times a week. We both loved to relax, which meant lazy days at the beach (gotta have a tan) or renting movies and watching them at my house. But most of all, we loved to talk. Blah! Blah! Blah! Neither one of us could shut-up. Krissy and I could talk for hours, and just when you’d think there was nothing else to say, we’d talk for at least 2 more hours. And laugh—boy could we laugh! We knew each other so well that when we saw someone or something funny, all we had to do was look at each other and we knew what the other was thinking. I don’t think I’ve laughed with anyone as much as I have laughed with Krissy.

Even now, I talk about her and to her as if she were still here, only that she is somewhere I can’t see her. I live with the knowledge that she has taken her place in Heaven among the angels. I smile with every thought of her.

As for the future...I’m going to get up every day, breathe, look at my husband, look into my children’s eyes, nurture my newborn daughter (Erin, named after her aunt, Kristen Erin Taylor) and think of all the wonderful things to come...and know that Krissy has a front row seat for the rest of my life—until we meet again.