“God Must Have Spent a Little More Time on You”

May 15, 1999 fell on a Saturday. I went to Krissy’s tree the night before and placed 21 white roses around the marker at the base. I knew the next day there would be lots of visitors coming by.

At the begining of this year people asked me, “Have you heard the new song by N’Sync titled ‘God Must Have Spent a Little More Time on You’?” Until then, I hadn’t, but then one day while driving home it played on the radio. I was so taken by the song; how meaningful it was. Then they announced that N'Sync was coming in concert on May 15 at the National Car Rental Center—here.

That would have been Krissy’s 21st birthday.

It seemed like an omen to me—I just had to try and reach them. I wrote to N’Sync and asked if they would dedicate their new ballad to Krissy the night of their concert here.

Three weeks passed and then one day, as I was retrieving my phone messages, a voice said, “Hello, this is Melinda from N’Sync’s office. We wanted you to know that we received your request and the guys would like to meet with you and your family before the show. Could you please call us back?”


And so it happened.... Saturday, we brought twelve of Krissy’s friends to be there with us. We got to meet all the members of the group: JC, Chris, Joey and Justin (Lance was ill). The concert was awesome, and they dedicated “God Must Have Spent a Little More Time on You” to Krissy. It meant so much to us, I’m sure Krissy knew, too. We all lit up our BIC lighters during the song and when we let go, the lighters stayed lit—much to our surprise.

It was great to be with Krissy’s friends again and share in a toast to her 21st birthday. At Krissy’s tree hangs a new string of beads with the words “God Must Have Spent a Little More Time on You” inscribed on them.

We still hope that one day Krissy may have her own song, but until then we have another beautiful song dedicated to her memory.

P.S. - N’Sync was to do another show (for PPV), but with Lance being ill, they had to postpone the taping. When they announced the new date, my heart sank: July 2nd, the day Krissy had passed away in 1995.

P.P.S. - I went to the park a few days later and was surprised to find four “little trees” growing at the base of the marker! Through Mother Nature, Krissy has started a family of her own—not to be outdone by her sisters :)