They say rainbows are a promise of a new tomorrow. There have been a lot of tomorrows that have come and gone: I only wish there could be “yesterdays,” too. I would go back again and again to the yesterdays when Krissy was still here.

Her spirit still lives—she has sent us many messages, and her friends have told us of some they have experienced. As common as some of the actual happenings or events may seem, there is subtle meaning in them for us now.

Gone, but not forgotten. Krissy touched many, many lives in this world. It’s such an awesome feeling to know that.

Krissy loved music. The songs on the radio continue to bring memories of the yesterdays when she was here with us...we interpret their words into our individual feelings.

There must be “Angels Among Us,” “Somewhere Out There” beneath the big, blue sky. Krissy was a “Redneck Girl” who lived her life with love and pride while experiencing “The Dance” of life. “She Could Charm the Stars—Hypnotize the Moon.”

Krissy might be saying: “Because You Loved Me,” I will never be lonely. You gave me the “Wind Beneath My Wings” and let me fly—free to be me—“Remember Me This Way,” “Forever Young,” full of spirit and love for all of you. “How Can I Help You to Say Goodbye?” I only know that we will meet again “One Sweet Day,” and so you must let me go...set me free.

“Where do we go from here? ... No matter what the road, your love will lead us home.”

Song artists: “Angels Among Us,” Alabama; “Somewhere Out There,” Linda Ronstadt and Pebo Bryson; “The Dance,” Garth Brooks; “Redneck Girl,” Bellamy Brothers; “She Could Charm the Stars—Hypnotize the Moon,” Clay Walker; “Because You Loved Me,” Celene Dion (from the film Up Close and Personal); “Wind Beneath My Wings,” Bette Midler (from the film Beaches); “Remember Me This Way,” Jordan Hill (from the film Casper); “Forever Young,” Rod Stewart; “How Can I Help You to Say Goodbye?”, Patty Loveless; “One Sweet Day,” Mariah Carey and Boyz II Men; “Where Do We Go From Here?”, Vanessa Williams (from the film Eraser).