Sunrise, sunset...sunrise, sunset...quickly go the years.
One season following another,
laden with happiness and tears.
—Jerry Bock & Sheldon M. Harnick,
fr. Broadway, “Fiddler on a Roof”

How true those words are....

I wake each morning to sunlight peeking through the blinds in my bedroom, only to realize it’s another morning and Krissy is gone. Such a beautiful life—gone prematurely from the Earth.

God, how I wish she was still here.

I want to dedicate this site to a beautiful spirit who once lived among us—a girl with a beautiful smile that lit up the room; loud laughter that made you smile; long arms that wrapped around you in a big hug; long hair that flowed in the wind; perfume that surrounded her and let you know she was near or passing by. These are a few of my favorite memories about her.

All we are left with are wonderful memories of the love we shared as a family, and the ache within our hearts from wanting her back.

To my dearest Krissy: this one’s for you.