Music: Kenny Chesney, “Who You’d Be Today”
Director: Tony Molina
Compositor: Alan Chamberlain
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They say a dream is a wish your heart makes. I’m happy to say that, if you believe in them, dreams do occasionally come true. My heart made a wish about twelve years ago for a for Krissy.

Sometime in 2006, I heard this amazing song that just tugged at my heart. It seemed to capture perfectly the empty questions that linger for years after the loss of someone dear to you: “before their time...always wondering who they would have been, had they been given a longer life.” It kind of pulled the feelings right up out of my soul, so I wrote a letter to the artist asking for permission to use it in a video montage for Krissy’s website. Graciously, he agreed.

We’re very pleased to be able to post this new “Song for Krissy.” My sincere thanks to Kenny Chesney, the recording artist of the song “Who You’d Be Today,” and to Alan Chamberlain and Tony Molina, who created the amazing video montage of Krissy. You guys are the best.

The kindness everyone has shown our family over the years has been awesome! Since publishing our appeal to find a “Song for Krissy,” the response has been outstanding. Our heartfelt thanks, and deep appreciation, go out to everyone who has sent poems and lyrics to us over the years, some of which you can read below.

We’d like to share a couple songs that really touched our family which were written for Krissy. The first is a beautiful song written by Ron Hemby and Bob DiPiero called “Wish For You.” The song was previously recorded on the Buffalo Club debut album, but Ron rewrote a couple of verses to “personalize” it for Krissy. He performed it live for our family over radio in Florida one morning in 1997, as well as giving live performances of the modified version at various concerts held throughout the year.

The second song was written and performed by a talented young man, Michael Lee. The song is titled “Forget Me Not,” and should be self-explanatory.

When we met Ron Hemby and Michael Lee, our friendship was immediate—we’ve almost become family. I had wanted our family and friends to hear the songs that were done for Krissy, so we decided to have a huge picnic at her tree in Markham Park, near our home in Florida. Along the way, I had also come to meet a young girl by the name of Whitnee Bolms through e-mail correspondence with her grandmother. She wrote: “My granddaughter, Whitnee, is a country singer, and if she had a song, she would love to sing it for Krissy.” And so, we all met one beautiful, sunny Sunday at Krissy’s Tree and Ron, Whitnee and Michael performed the two songs above in a performance that will live on in our hearts forever. Tears mixed with lots of smiles and goose bumps at this wonderful, electrifying event.

We received several signs from Krissy, too. When Aunt Mary drove up, “Redneck Girl” was blaring loudly on the radio. A lone hawk hovered over Krissy’s tree for quite a while, and there was a light sun-shower (tears from heaven) during the performance. As we were leaving the park for the day, a rainbow appeared! I like to think it was Krissy, smiling down on us from above.

One other song, long since written has captured my thoughts recently, as I think it will the thoughts of anyone who has ever lost a loved one. In fact, the song has almost taunted me—always seeming to pop up on the radio—and everytime I hear it, the song seems to say just what I want to hear in a song about Krissy. The song is “Just to See Her Again,” by Smokey Robinson.

If you could hear the words from my perspective, the song would take on a whole new meaning: “If we had just one more time to be with them; to hold them; to see them; to tell them what we didn’t get to say....” This song just about says it all: it’s almost like it’s written to spec.

Is, perchance, anyone interested in doing a remake of this song for Krissy? :)

[June 1998] We recently received a song from Tracy Fennell entitled “Gliding Home.” This song was directly inspired by Krissy and features a soaring melody in the New Age theme. The Dance Conservatory of Dover performed a ballet to this song.

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Wish For You

I stopped by the lake today
It seemed to be on my way
There was no one around
So I just sat down and let my mind drift away

What if I found a magic lamp
What if I held it in my hands
With a genie set free, with three wishes for me
All waiting at my command

I would wish I could live forever
though I’m only a mortal man
I would wish I could see what my future would be
But if only one wish came true
I’d wish for you

Now we miss your radiant face
And this world is a lesser place
’Cuz it was life that you loved and your blue Chevy truck
and country music in a Redneck Girl way.

Now we know what you’d probably say
That we’re wishing our time away
Yeah, Krissy, that’s what we do—since we don’t have you
I just wish we had more wishes today

(repeat chorus)
I’d wish for you
Oh, we’d wish for you

—Ron Hemby

Forget Me Not

You with eyes so true
You saw right through to what you wanted life to be
Dreams you dared to dream
You knew they’d never be too far out of your reach
And I still wonder why we had to say goodbye
Even though I know it’s not forever

Since you’ve been gone
I’ve tried to be strong
’Til I see your smiling face
Looking back at me again someday
Deep inside
Your memory survives
’Cuz your life was like a flower
Planted in the garden of my heart
With the thought
Forget me not

I pray tonight
That you would know exactly how you touched my life
We will never be
The same without you here to brighten our sky
Until we can find our place together in time
I will hold to your thoughts and remember

(repeat chorus)

—Michael Lee

Gliding Home

Softly as wind, she walks like an Angel.
Gently like rain, she lifts up her face and smiles.

Her hair is golden, she is gliding home.
All that once was is now and forevermore.

Softly as wind, she sings like an angel.
Slowly the warm sun lights up her face, she smiles.

Softly as wind, she soars like an angel --
She is just a child.

Her hair is golden, she is gliding home.
All that once was is now and forevermore.

—Tracy Fennell