The night we dedicated her tree in Markham Park, we passed out “wildflower seeds” to everyone and had them plant some as a gesture that their love for Krissy would continue to grow. A few months later, the seeds started to sprout. Around the center of the tree there were some seedlings that just grew and grew and grew—we then discovered that they were sunflower plants. They had all chosen to grow closest to the trunk of Krissy’s tree! They were in full bloom for her 18th birthday.

Each of the sunflowers had a big face that had hundreds of seeds in them. On Krissy’s 18th birthday, in May of 1996, we gave these seeds to her friends with these instructions:

What is a seed? It is a capsule of life. When planted and nurtured, it will grow into a living thing to behold by all that gaze upon it. It can give you food and shelter, but mostly a vision of joy and life.

It only took one seed to give back a hundred more to share with you, the ones she loved and cared about. These are the seeds of friendship that were planted at Krissy’s tree in the park by her friends and family. These have been entrusted to you with the promise that you will plant them so that her love and spirit will continue to grow and live on.

Plant them in a special place, where the sun touches down and the rain will give them nourishment. Protect them with your love and enjoy their beauty.

They will grow tall and beautiful with big, happy faces....

Remember her this way.

[May 1997] - Krissy’s 19th birthday. Friends and family met once again at her tree in the park and shared some of their favorite memories of her. The sunflowers which were planted in January were in full bloom at the time, with exactly 19 vying for attention under her tree!