Losing Krissy has been the most devastating thing that has happened to our family. Losing your child is the most difficult thing, as it seems out of order—we, the parents, should go first. We saw Krissy just about every day for seventeen years; then all of sudden, she was gone from our family. There had been no separation to prepare us for the void in our lives, as there might have been had she gone away to college, or gotten married and moved away.

Over the past few years, we have been preserving every memory of Krissy we could. We wanted everyone to know her like we did, so we created this website as a tribute to her life and her work. The only thing missing now is a song, which we still hope might be done for Krissy someday. This memorial site may be a healing process for us, as much as anything else, but considering the large number of letters we have received, there appear to be many, many others who want to know more about Krissy. She touched a lot of lives in some small way.

There probably isn’t a parent or brother or sister or friend out there who, having lost someone dear to them, hasn’t wished they could be with their loved one just one more time—to tell them all that was left unsaid between them, to tell them one more time how much they loved them, and to hold them one more time. The song we hope to have done for Krissy would express those feelings.

We miss her beautiful smile, her loud laughter, and most of all, her long, wrap-around hugs. She was so tall, with limbs that seemed to go on forever. Her hair was her halo, golden and long. Her perfume followed her wherever she went. These are a few of the memories we have to hold onto.

Our family has come face-to-face with the reality that life is very precious, and that each day you should recognize that life is a gift of time on this Earth, and we must accept that and celebrate each day. There may not be a tomorrow....

We would like to thank all of you for your love, support and caring. Losing Krissy would have been too much to bear alone. You never realize how many friends you have made along the way until the road you travel comes to an end.

Love is our strength: it gives us the will to go on. Be sure to let those you love know it.

Krissy’s extended family included grandfather Kermit; aunts Mary, Anita and Tari; uncles Joel, Wade, Ray and Ed; cousins Caroline, Chrissy, Doug, Darryl, David, Kim, Karen, Karole and Eddie; nieces Blake, Ciel and Erin; and nephews Jake, Hunter, Dalton and Dylan.